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dental implantTooth loss can make you feel self-conscious, but you shouldn’t spend your days hiding that smile. It’s time to break free from that frown and find a solution. A tooth replacement option is the answer you are looking for. A variety of restorative treatments are available to help patients treat tooth loss. At our dental practice located in Brookfield, we offer same-day crowns, bridges, specialty dentures and dental implants. Out of these four options, a dental implant is the only one that provides the most durability and stability.

The Expectations of a Dental Implant at Our Brookfield Dental Practice

A dental implant is a permanent tooth replacement. It’s a little nerve-wrecking to undergo a procedure and expect to see perfect results. Each dental case is different, but a dental implant accommodates all kinds of tooth loss cases.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Since a dental implant is securely attached to the jawbone, there are many functional and esthetic benefits that you will start to notice.
  • A crown matches the adjacent teeth
  • The permanent fit makes it a comfortable tooth replacement
  • Increases downtime because you don’t need to take implant out to take care of it
  • Osseointegration (bone fusing to metal) halts the jawbone from receding
  • Improves overall oral health
  • Boosts confidence

Is a Dental Implant the Best Tooth Replacement for Your Case?

A dental implant isn’t the answer for everyone. While it’s a great restorative procedure, some patients might not be able to undergo a dental implant placement because they don’t have healthy gums or adequate bone to support the post of an implant.
A good dental implant candidate has:
  • Sufficient amount of jawbone in the affected area
  • Good oral hygiene habits
  • Healthy gum tissue (no signs of periodontal disease)
  • No underlying conditions that could hinder the healing process
  • No history of substances abuse (smoking and drinking)
For more information about our services, including dental implants, in Brookfield, please call us at (262) 781-0080.