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By Steinbach Dental
July 15, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: teeth whitening  

Find out the many benefits of getting teeth whitening from your Brookfield dentist.

Who doesn’t want to feel confident with their smile? Unfortunately, dental stains can keep us from feeling that self-esteem boost that Teeth Whitening having a vibrant, white smile affords you. If you're looking to combat dental stains immediately and get a more radiant smile this summer, then it’s time to turn to your Brookfield dentist Dr. Thomas Steinbach for professional teeth whitening.

How much can teeth whitening brighten my smile?

If you’ve ever used commercial whitening products you may have been a little less than thrilled with the results. After all, it often takes several weeks for these products to give you even a slightly brighter smile. Skip all the commitment and time spent wearing whitening trays and opt for in-office whitening from your Brookfield dentist. One session can get some smiles up to eight shades whiter, depending on the severity of your stains. The majority of patients get the results they want in only one visit.

How long will my whitening results last?

How long your results last will depend a lot on you. Some people can maintain results up to two years if they care for their smile properly. This means brushing and flossing regularly, keeping up with routine visits to your Brookfield dentist and also avoiding foods and drinks that could stain your teeth. The better your oral care regime, the longer your results will last.

Furthermore, you can also opt for subsequent whitening treatments to maintain those beautiful results.

What are the benefits of getting in-office whitening from your Brookfield dentist?

One of the major benefits of getting teeth whitening from us is that you will get instant and obvious results in only one treatment. This makes a great option for someone looking to get a brighter smile before a big event or special occasion.

Also, since we can get your smile several shades whiter in just one session, expect to immediately feel more confident with your smile. If you’ve been self-conscious about yellow teeth then teeth whitening can change all this in one hour. Feel proud smiling in public, at a job interview or on a date when you chose professional teeth whitening.

Want to boost your smile and your self-esteem all at once? Then talk to your Brookfield dentist about professional in-office teeth whitening and whether it’s right for your smile. Call Steinbach Dental today!