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By Steinbach Dental
September 15, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Well, your dentist in Brookfield says you need a crown. The cavity that has been bothering your upper molar has gone deep into the tooth dental crowns,  same day crownsstructure, but a protective dental crown can support and protect the remaining healthy tooth structure above the gum line. Thankfully, Dr. Charles Steinbach, Dr. Thomas Steinbach and Dr. Elilzabeth Sievers of Steinbach Dental offer a quick and convenient way to get that beautiful crown. They offer CEREC same-day technology, and in a flash, you'll have a strong, lifelike tooth that will last for years.

Crowns done the old-fashioned way

The American Dental Association says that the porcelain crown was invented back in 1903 by a dentist named Charles Land. Over the decades, the crown procedure, materials and longevity have improved, with CEREC same-days crowns really being the pinnacle in the development of this tried and true restoration.

Traditionally, dentists have needed two to three appointments to examine the patient, take oral impressions (which could be messy), formulate a treatment plan for the lab and then place the crown over the patient's prepared tooth. Amazing CEREC technology removes the traditional impressions and lab time and does the whole process in the treatment room in about an hour. The result is a customized all-porcelain crown.

That sounds impossible

No, if an all-porcelain crown is right for your particular situation, your Brookfield dentist really can create and place it in one dental appointment. They use the CEREC Omnicam for oral impressions using video technology and a CEREC milling machine to computer-design and mill the entire crown chairside while you wait.

What's CEREC? It means Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic, and it allows for better patient comfort and better creative control for the dentist as he or she takes the impressions, inputs the information into the computer, designs the restoration and supervises the milling. The dentist also shades the crown color and makes minor adjustments in the finished product before permanently bonding it onto the prepared tooth. The results are seamless, realistic, functional and durable.

Other applications

Your dentist can also use CEREC technology to create porcelain fillings. Also called partial dental crowns, these inlays and onlays take the place of big amalgam fillings. An inlay fits perfectly between the cusps, or corners, of a tooth. An onlay fits over the cusps. The dentist in Brookfield designs these inlays and onlays in much the same way as full crowns. They also bond them in place using a permanent adhesive and special curing light. All CEREC restorations last for years with good at-home hygiene and semi-annual cleanings and check-ups at Steinbach Dental.

You'll have a beautifully restored tooth

Make your restorative dentistry appointment for that new crown. You'll be in and out of the office quickly and can feel confident that you've done right by your dental health. Call today: (282) 781-0080.