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By Steinbach Dental
June 28, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Did you know that you could get a dental crown in Brookfield, WI, in just one appointment?dental crowns

We know you lead a busy life and that when you require dental care it can often feel like a challenging task to schedule all the appointments you’ll need in order to get your new restoration. Luckily, our Brookfield, WI, dentists Dr. Thomas Steinbach and Dr. Elizabeth Sievers are offering an easier approach that will fit right into your busy schedule.

Now you can get your dental crown on the same day! That’s right; you can walk into our office and leave with a brand new dental crown. How? Our special CAD/CAM technology allows us to create and make your crown right here in our Brookfield, WI, dental office without needing to turn to an outside dental lab for help.

CEREC crowns look just like traditional crowns and they work the same way. The only difference is the speed and efficiency in which our Brookfield, WI, cosmetic dentist can provide you with your new restoration. Plus, since you can get your dental crown on the same day you don’t have to worry about having to wear a temporary crown.

CEREC crowns also require less tooth enamel to be removed than traditional crowns do. Once the tooth has been prepped, we will take pictures of your tooth using a special dental camera. These images allow us to get precise and accurate measurements so that we can create a restoration that provides the very best fit.

Once the image is uploaded, our computer software will allow us to create your crown. Once the crown has been designed the last step is to have it made. Our milling machine will chisel away at a porcelain block until the crown is complete. The porcelain is first matched to the shade of your teeth prior to being placed into the milling station. Lastly, we will check the crown’s fit before cementing the crown over the tooth.

If you are ready to find out whether you are an ideal candidate for same day crowns in Brookfield, WI, then it’s time to schedule a consultation with Steinbach Dental. Let us know that you are interested in this restoration.